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Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Changes to POD Procedures

In order to protect our people, our clients and their customers as far as possible, from 18th March 2020 Route One Distribution, our drivers and sub-contractors will not be obtaining signed proof of delivery notes for the foreseeable future.

In circumstances where the driver would normally be required to handle and sign a collection note by the Consignor when loading a Consignment, the procedure now will be that the driver will instead be happy for the Consignor to record their name and vehicle registration number. Where required, the driver’s telephone number can be recorded as: Route One Distribution 07810 736479.

At the delivery address, until further notice the driver will not require the recipient of the Consignment (the Consignee) to sign delivery paperwork and hand the signed note back to our driver as confirmation of receipt.

Instead the driver will log the name of the person accepting the Consignment and then take one or more photos of the Consignment in situ at the delivery point.

Regrettably, for the duration of these temporary amendments to our usual procedures, we will be unable to accept Consignments for delivery where a collection or delivery signature is required and/or where our driver/sub-contractor will not be permitted to take one or more photos of the Consignment in situ at the delivery point.

Please note that where the Consignor or the Consignee insists upon a signature and/or will not permit photography and/or will not accept and cooperate with these new temporary procedures, the collection or delivery will not be completed but Customers will still be charged.

Where possible, we would ask all our clients to email PDF copies of any paperwork that accompanies the Consignment to us sufficiently in advance to enable us to forward to the drivers to print on plain A4 paper for themselves, to avoid hard copies being handed to drivers.

We sincerely hope that you will fully understand and support the above temporary measures as being sensible precautions, aimed at reducing the risk of transmission of the virus via clipboards, paperwork, pens, proximity etc.

The above temporary procedures have been agreed with our insurers.

Once we are able to revert to our former established procedures, we will update our website and advise clients accordingly.

The above procedures replace the relevant parts of our Conditions of Carriage (Section 5) with effect from 18th March 2020 until further notice.